Ukraine women - visiting several (2021- ????‍⚕️x3)

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????Men are searching for real answers to meet several women in Ukraine, Russia, or Belarus. Managing the trip and different women makes all this not easy
????Visiting many women in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus in one trip. True, false?
????Better practices?
????What tips to know to schedule the travel?
00:00 the syndrome of the candy store
01:02 traveling to Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus on your own
01:45 study case: starting from Dallas to fly to Novosibirsk, Gomel, and Kherson
02:28 helping you in the whole process of traveling
02:54 you have decided to visit several women
03:28 why first go to Russia?
07:38 choosing a train and the right train station Minsk-Gomel
08:50 managing train tickets
09:31 the savvy and comfortable night train
10:12 why you cannot book your train ticket
11:20 you need huge planning in the former soviet union if you want to stick on a strict schedule
12:20 trying to go to Kherson from Gomel by train
14:25 trying to find a direct flight to Kherson from Minsk
15:38 the Kherson's woman
16:34 Avoid traveling to 3 different countries in 9 days
17:17 the two political blocks to consider for practical reasons when traveling
18:30 total costs
18:58 time spent with each woman in the end
20:11 the dropping or landing zone theory, coming back to the basics
20:55 moving to a winning strategy
21:28 sticking on ONE city and setting your online dating accordingly, from the scratch
22:05 usual mistake that men are doing, confusing "visit one" with "visit many"
23:45 the travel is more the addition of 3 "visit one" than a real visit MANY women, let's watch the next video, PART 2
✔️This video is intended to provide some useful information about traveling and perform a better match with Slavic women. A second video will complete this one about managing in-field relationships with women.
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