10 Interesting Facts About Liberia that will Amaze You

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10 Interesting Facts About Liberia that will Amaze You.
Liberia is a country located in west Africa, on the Atlantic coast. bordering Sierra Leone, Guinea and Côte d'Ivoire.

It is a country often missed, when talking about Africa, so we thought it would be fun to look at 10 cool facts about Liberia you probably didn’t know….

Lets go!
10. It was created for freed American slaves
The American Colonization Society founded Liberia in 1821 as a place for freed American, and Caribbean slaves to relocate.
More than 10,000 made the journey across the Atlantic, aided by the society, until Liberia declared independence in 1847.
Joseph Jenkins Roberts, a freed slave from Virginia, became the first president.
On July 26, 1847, the settlers issued a Declaration of Independence and promulgated a constitution. Based on the political principles of the United States Constitution, it established the independent Republic of Liberia.
The United Kingdom was the first country to recognize Liberia's independence.
Interestingly enough, The United States did not recognize Liberia until 1862, after the Southern states, who had a lot of power in the American government, seceded from the union to form the Confederacy.
The leadership of the new nation consisted largely of the Americo-Liberians, who initially established political and economic dominance in the coastal areas that the ACS had purchased; they maintained relations with U.S. contacts in developing these areas and the resulting trade. Their passage of the 1865 Ports of Entry Act prohibited foreign commerce with the inland tribes, ostensibly to "encourage the growth of civilized values" before such trade was allowed in the region.
Its recent history has been far more torrid, starting with Samuel Doe’s coup of 1980, and continuing with years of civil war and the despotic rule of Charles Taylor, which ended in 2003.

The Ebola outbreak of 2014, now officially over, once again put its recovery on the back foot.

9. The average resident is under 18 years
That’s right, the average resident of Liberia could not even buy alcohol in many places in the United States!
According to the CIA World Factbook, the average age of its citizens is 17.9 years. By way of comparison, a typical resident of Monaco, the world’s most elderly country, is 51.1.
8. The world’s biggest cruise ships are registered there
The cruise industry is regularly accused of flying a “flag of convenience” by registering their ships in countries where employment laws are less stringent. All but one of NCL’s ships are registered in the Bahamas; Carnival and MSC register theirs in Panama; Oceania Cruises in the Marshall Islands, and P&O Cruises in Bermuda. And Royal Caribbean International, which possesses the three largest cruise ships on the planet, is incorporated in Liberia, along with 12 per cent of the world’s entire maritime fleet.

7. Most Liberians speak English

According to David Crystal's book English as a Global Language, more than half the population in 45 countries (excluding the UK) speak good English. They include The Philippines, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Singapore, Austria, Finland, Malaysia, Belgium, Greece – and Liberia.

Indeed, while more than 20 indigenous alternatives are spoken, it is the country’s official language. This is no surprise, as many of the systems in place in this African country come from the United States, and that country was influenced heavily by its British colonial days.

6. Liberia is home to the cleanest cities in Africa
The World Health Organization (WHO) tracks air quality at 1,622 urban locations in 92 countries. Pakistan's urban areas are, on average, the world's most polluted, followed by Qatar and Afghanistan. Europe's most polluted cities are found in Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia.
Of the 92 countries to feature, Australia has the least polluted urban areas, followed by Brunei and New Zealand, while Liberia comes 10th, ahead of the likes of Spain, Japan, the US and the UK.
That fact seems to lead directly into this next one….
5. Smokers are few
Hey buddy, got a light?
If you ask this question in Liberia, the answer you get back is quite likely to be No, or sorry.
Liberia is among the 20 countries on Earth that smoke the fewest cigarettes per capita – just 104 per adult per year.
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